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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How Is It Not Saturday?

Day #530 Love is Evol / Prism Brewing Company, North Wales, PA
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We had a little belated birthday party in my honor at work yesterday afternoon - ice cream cake, which is my favorite.  However, the combination of an afternoon party and a general desire to take some time off made me think it was Friday afternoon.  In case you missed the first sentence; it wasn't Friday afternoon.  It was Wednesday afternoon.  Further complicating matters is that with a long weekend looming for Memorial Day, I assumed everyone would start cancelling meetings today, leaving my calendar wide open to actually accomplish things rather than sit in meetings all day  They haven't.  In fact, more meetings were added.  Do people not know that I already think today is Saturday and I didn't expect to do any more work today, let alone tomorrow?  We need to hire more omniscient people, I guess.

The only thing that can fix this (other than people reading this blog and realizing they were wrong to keep meetings on the books for today and Friday) is a beer review.  Tonight's offering is a glass of Love is Evol from Prism.  This beer caught my eye due to the mixture of strawberries and jalapenos in the brew.  Yes, read that again: strawberries and jalapenos.  In the glass, this beer has a mahogany color, and you pick up an aroma of malt and spice.  The initial taste is sweet from the strawberries, and then you definitely notice a peppery spice kick in next.  There are hints of chocolate malt hiding out in between.  This beer is definitely different, but not in a bad way - I like it.  Certainly worth a try if you find this on draft.
Sunshine, yo
Thing to Think About Today:
A little sweet and spice in the beer and everything nice means.... I guess... what, the Spice Girls?  Wannabe it is then.  Always a good song to drop into your summer tailgate mix.  Enjoy your evening, friends.  See you soon....

"Slam your body down and wind it all around....."

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