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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunny Place for Shady People

Day #528 ParTea / Prism Brewing Company,  North Wales, PA
Previously from this brewery: Shady Blonde, Bitto Honey, more Bitto Honey, and ParTea

As I mentioned earlier, I've been working to buy some fashion sunglasses for the first time in my life.  Long a subscriber to the "who cares if I sit on them, they cost $4" theory of sunglasses, I'm now the proud owner of a pair that costs more than $4 but less than the cost of a fully loaded compact car.  I apologize in advance for how incredibly sexy I look in them, as I know it's not fair to everyone else who doesn't look this sexy no matter what sunglasses they put on.  My bad.

Today's beer is a pint of ParTea, an American Pale ale from nearby Prism Brewing Company.  You get a hazy golden amber color with virtually no head.  There's a citrus hop aroma, and when you drink it down you find plenty of lemon and tea, with a nice bit of bitterness on the finish.  I love tea and hate coffee, so the addition of tea to beer is always welcome in my book.  Definitely worth a sample if you see it on tap near you.
For those who have never visited Prism in person, be advised that you can walk there from the SEPTA if you take the R5 through to the wrong side of Philly.  Awesome, right?  Also be advised that this brewery has won my coveted 'Best Brewery to Dump a Dead Body Near' award due to the industrial location, nearness to the rails, and proximity to the woods.  Just saying.

Thing to Think About Today:
To celebrate the arrival of my new sunglasses, what else could I possibly leave you with but the incredibly 80s song Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart.  Well, I guess I could have dropped Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top in here, but I didn't.  Sue me.

"Don't be afraid of the guy in shades, oh no, it can't escape you / 'Cause you got it made with the guy in shades, oh no"

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