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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend? Over.

Day #512 Petrus Aged Red / Brouwerij Bavik, Harebeke-Bavikhove, Belgium
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And so ends another weekend!  This one was filled with long stretches of relaxation mixed with furious bouts of activity.  Had some friends show up last night for a surprise birthday party, and met up with friends again this evening for some beers.  In between, I accomplished the following:
1. Cut the grass (really, that means mowed the weeds)
2. Took a nap
3. Not much else

Hey, sometimes you don't really get much done during a weekend.  It happens.  However, nothing stops the beer review train, and tonight is a glass of Brouwerij Bavik's Petrus Aged Red from a recent TJ's visit.  In the glass you see a clear, dark cherry color.  Sort of like dark cherry Kool-Aid, if that flavor exists.  The aroma is sweet, like a cherry cola, and the taste is a mix of lots of awesome flavors, even if I don't know what they are.  Seriously.  You get a bunch of cherry flavor, some sweetness, and a dry finish.  There's a sort of medicinal quality to it, like cough syrup.  You can convince me there's a Dr. Pepper vibe going on in there as well.  I don't know what to make of this beer for the most part, but I know I like it.  If you like Oud Bruins or just want to try something unique, this is a great beer to try.
This looks rather purple, doesn't it?
Thing to Think About Today:
This is the spot where I would have tied in the name of the beer with some music and played you Red, Red Wine by UB40, but I already used that one earlier in this blog adventure.  Damn it.  So, instead, I give you a song that has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact I like it and it brings a smile to my face.  Relax and ease out of the weekend with some Yo La Tengo and Autumn Sweater, my friends.  Enjoy your evening while you're at it....

"We could slip away / Wouldn't that be better?"

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