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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thirty Eight Special

Day #509 Sidekick / Two Brothers Brewing Company, Warrenville, Illinois
Previously from this brewery: Diversey & Lill(e), a collaboration, and Cain & Ebel

For those who were not aware, yesterday was my birthday!  Perhaps your town had a parade in my honor, or people just celebrated in the streets on their own without any formal ceremony.  Either way, thank you for joining in the celebration (I kid).  Had a busy but very productive day, and I'm very thankful to be here to see another year kick off.  Last year on May 1, I put it in writing that I'd run another 24 hour ultra marathon in 2013.  Yes, there are still seven months of the year left, but it's clear that one isn't happening.  What can I say, sometimes you set big goals and don't always hit them.  No special goals this year, other than to be happy.  That seems like a good enough goal, right?

Part of my birthday was spent drinking beer; specifically. a pint of Sidekick, an American Pale Ale from Two Brothers Brewing.  You see a dull gold color with a thin head, and a mellow aroma of pine and lemon.  The taste is a good mix of pine and citrus (mostly lemon), with a bit of malt sweetness in there as well.  Maybe a touch too sweet, but this is a solid beer, and very drinkable.  Not a bad choice for a picnic or a night spent drinking beers outside.
Beer was better than this picture suggests

Thing to Think About Today:

I'll take things in a slightly different direction than usual to wrap up today.  Yes, another birthday means I'm feeling a bit older and contemplating where exactly did the past 37 years go (hint: I have NO idea).  So, I'll let The Wailin' Jennys send us off into my 38th year with their cover of Neil Young's Old Man.  Great song for when you're feeling a bit old.

"I need someone to love me the whole day through...."

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