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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blondes, Beers, and Blonde Beers

Day #525  Blonde Ale / Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, Bloomfield, CT
Previously from this brewery:  A Blonde and a Munich Style Golden Lager

Rather "blah" day today, for some reason.  I think I was expecting the weather to be glorious this weekend, and it's not, and now I'm dissatisfied.  I rarely check the weather, so did people at work talk about sunshine coming to town?  Did I just assume the weather would be amazing because it was a Saturday, and Saturdays are made for nice weather?  I went into today with dreams of sunshine and bike rides and walks with the dogs and beers on the deck... and I ended up taking a two hour nap this afternoon because I couldn't think of anything better.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good nap on the weekend.  I was just hoping for sunshine (and naps).

Tonight's beer is the Blonde Ale from Thomas Hooker Brewing.  Out of the bottle, this brew is a pale straw color with no head.  The aroma is a mild bit of grain and wheat, and the taste has some lemon, but mostly grain and cracker, with some mild bitterness and nutty flavor.  In the spirit of full disclosure, this isn't the greatest beer in the world, but a decent choice when you're looking for something light with a good flavor.  This blonde is definitely light, with an ABV of just 4.6%.
Don't let the lack of rain right now fool you!
Thing to Think About Today:
If I'm enjoying a blonde ale, I hereby think we need to close out with an homage to blondes.  I present the always hilarious, always awkward, always good Flight of the Conchords and Leggy Blonde.  Goodbye to all the blondes (and sure, the non-blondes too) out there.  Enjoy your night!

"Blondey, blondey, blondey, blondey....."

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