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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 517: We Were on a (Jolly Pumpkin) Break!

My break from drinking Jolly Pumpkin beers is over. Instead I'm taking an unplanned social media break.


I've been suspended from Twitter. I shared this with some friends from work and one of them very kindly noted that while it sucks for me, my cool factor took a significant bump up with her. I'm kind of an anomaly in the office with my social media skills--although I'm questioning those skills given my current suspension.

I've been Twitter-free since 6:00 a.m. on Friday morning. I've logged a complaint with the folks at Twitter noting that I didn't do anything to deserve the suspension (i.e. mass following and/or unfollowing, mass invitations, porn). I've also attempted to log-in several times during the course of the day to see if I've been reinstated and no such luck yet. More troubling is that my following count has dropped from 378 to zero. Even more troubling than that is that my 127 followers are MIA.

Editor note: As of 6:58 p.m., I'm back, baby! Twitter suspension lifted. In hindsight I should have been keeping a log of snarky things to tweet. You all missed out on so much today!

So what did I learn from my social media blackout?

I am without a doubt addicted to Twitter. The number of times that I reach for my phone or log onto the website to see what's happening in the world is astounding. It's how I get my news. It's how I stay connected. I tried getting the same from Facebook to no avail. I'm also realizing  that Facebook isn't relevant to me. Sure it was cool five years ago, but not so much anymore. Having to sort through the "like this to save this child from cancer" nonsense posts, the cool picture of the day posts, the irrelevant and uninteresting ads is all just too much. Yes, that is totally a first world problem but it's a barrier to my enjoyment and is totally preventing me from seeing Facebook as a viable option.

I'm also realizing that as much as I declare that I'm done adopting new technology, that's really not true. Playing with the latest, greatest and smartest is kind of my thing. And that may be the most interesting thing I've learned from this exercise.

So while I take a break from Twitter, I'm done taking a break from Jolly Pumpkin.

The latest beer I'm enjoying from Jolly Pumpkin is the Sobrehumano Palena'ole and it's a collaboration between Jolly Pumpkin and Maui Brewing Company. Brewed with Michigan cherries and Hawaiian liliko'i, it's listed as an American wild ale and is oak aged and bottle conditioned. But what's a liliko'i? You may know it by its more common name...passion fruit. How does passion fruit mix with cherries in a beer? Awesome!

Interesting note about this beer. We drank it on May 3, 2013. When was this beer bottled? May 3, 2012! It was meant to be drunk--seriously, what are the odds of that unintentionally happening again?

It poured a hazy orange/brown color with a fluffy white head. I could smell the tartness the moment I popped the cap off. And there was lots more of that once it got into my glass. It has a woody smell...presumably the oak. It has a very tart cherry flavor, kind of astringent. There is a good amount of malt in the flavor profile as well.

Beer stats
Style: American wild ale
ABV: 6%
IBUs: Unknown
Rating: Excellent

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