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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday Parties and Car Rides

Day #469 Hopsecutioner / Terrapin Beer Company, Athens, GA
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Getting right down to business again today, people.  I was up late watching the NCAA tournament last night, and now I have a busy Saturday on deck - four hours in the car round trip, six year old nephew's birthday party.  I wonder if there will be pony rides at the party?  If there's a clown, I'm punching him in the face, because everyone knows that clowns are creepy.  I'll keep you posted.

Tonight's beer is the Hopsecutioner from Terrapin Beer.  This one was on draft at TJ's this week, where I stopped by for a beer post-shopping for a gift for the previously mentioned birthday party (hint: dinosaur toys!).   In the glass, this beer is a clear copper color with a thin, wispy white head.  The aroma is relatively mild, but you certainly find citrus and pine.  When you take a sip, there's more malt in there than I would expect for a beer named "Hopsecutioner."  Despite that, you do find a dry beer throughout, with a bitter finish and the expected citrus and pine flavors.  This beer was decent, but not great.  When I order an IPA, I expect a bit more oomph.  However, I would definitely try other offerings from this brewery in the future.
Not good picture?  Sure, why not?
Terrapin offers you a fun turtle logo, and in this crazy craft beer world, you do need to stand out in a crowd on the shelves.

Things to Think About Today:
Road trip today + fascination with yacht rock lately X  nothing else more memorable or relevant coming to mind here at the moment = Billy Ocean and Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car.  Regardless, I do hope you're having a good Saturday, and don't get in cars with strangers.  Unless they're Billy Ocean, in which case it's totally cool.

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