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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Day the Music Lived

Day #470 Commercial Suicide / Jester King Craft Brewery, Austin, TX
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Happy Sunday, my friends!  Big day today; spent an early morning getting my new iPod set up.  I may have mentioned earlier that after eight good years, the iPod died a quiet, peaceful death.  Music is important to me, and despite the fact there are no less than four other devices in the house that can access the cloud and play music, a new iPod is necessary.  Particularly so I can have music in my car and provide music to the masses at our legendary tailgates.  Thankfully I'm back in business, and happy as a result.

Beyond getting back into a groove, Sunday was good in other ways.  Spent time doing some important work, ran some errands, and now I'm watching basketball and enjoying a beer.  Could be better, I suppose, but I'll take it with a smile.

While I'm relaxing, I'll give you my review of today's beer, a bottle of Commercial Suicide from Jester King.  While pouring this one, it reminded me of pouring a cola; same color, plenty of carbonation, and a wispy bit of off-white head.  There is an aroma of oak and malt, and when you take a sip it's almost creamy, with barely toasted malt, vanilla, toffee and a earthy, nutty flavor.  There are very little hops and a clean finish.  This one was labeled as a oaked farmhouse mild, but comes across more as an English bitter that spent some time in a wine barrel (that makes sense; it did).  Incredibly interesting mix of flavors, particularly for such a low ABV (3.5%) beer.
Such creepy labels.  Soooo creepy.
Now that I've piqued your interest in this beer, I need to inform you that you're not likely to find too many more bottles of this, as it has been retired by the brewery and no longer produced.  Sorry, Charlie.

Thing to Think About Today:
As many of you know, and some of you have experienced, I like to create a new playlist for every tailgate I attend/host.  It can be a pain to try and mix things up every week, particularly considering some tailgates might be over ten hours long.  However, it's a labor of love, and in the spirit of love, I give you a tailgate song I love to add in to keep the party going.  What, you were expecting something other than I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany?

"And so we're running just as fast as we can / Holding on to one another's hands"

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