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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 458: Baladin Wayan and That Dog

This dog, man. 
This is the face that waits for me to get in bed every night. He sits on my side warming my spot, then he moves over and cuddles like it is his job.


Tonight's beer is the Baladin Wayan--a sour beer, a.k.a. my favorite kind of beer. OK, total correction here. Wayan is listed on both Baladin's website and Beer Advocate as being a saison. Strange. It was decidedly sour and was advertised as such. A sour saison? Indeed.

It poured a bright copper color with a thin white head. It had a light funk in the nose but there was also an underlying floral almost fruity scent. The flavor lived somewhere at the intersection of light sweetness and tart. It reminded me of fresh lemons and biscuits. It finished nice and dry--leaving me wanting more.

Here is the description from Baladin's translated website: It comes from a mixture of cereals, barley, spelled, wheat and evokes memories of sunny fields and orchards that with their scents blend well with its hints of orange blossom, pear and bergamot. Crisp and very refreshing, golden color load is slightly turbid, sometimes opalescent.

What I thought was an interesting beer is now even more interesting.

Beer stats
Style: Saison
ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 8
Rating: Great

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