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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet. No, Really.

Day #477 Le Freak / Green Flash Brewing Company, San Diego, CA
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Happy Easter to all my peoples!  For those not familiar, today is the day Jesus invented a bunny who goes around and hides eggs, and we all eat chocolate to celebrate.  Or.... something like that, I don't quite recall.  All kidding and super subtle jabs at religion aside, I do hope you get to spend the day with your loved ones, and I do hope you have some awesome candy working for you.  I currently wish I had jelly beans; preferably green and yellow ones.  Who wants to come and bring me an Easter basket?  Not everyone at once, please.

The beer for today is a bottle of Le Freak from one of my all time favorite breweries, Green Flash. This beer is crafted by merging two styles together, a Belgian Tripel and an Imperial IPA, to combine the best of Belgian yeast and American hops.  In the glass, this beer is a cloudy dark gold hue, with a thin edge of head. Your nose finds the aroma of citrus (orange, mostly) and yeast, and the taste balances a malt sweetness with a nice hop bite.  There are notes of lemon, yeast, grass, and some faint banana.  Really a fantastic beer, and one very well worth your time.  If you see this on the shelf, buy it immediately.
 Nice, crooked picture.  Typical.
And best of all?  This beer was a gift from a friend who brought home some big bottles from her recent trip to San Diego.  More on her contributions to come soon enough, but for now walk away with this important lesson: beer makes an awesome gift!!

Thing to Think About Today:
I do sincerely hope you got something sweet in your Easter baskets.  And if not, that's just fine because I'm sharing something sweet with you right here.  Matthew Sweet, and his early 90s hit I've Been Waiting.  Sweet!

"I didn't think I'd find you / Perfect in so many ways"

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