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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Like the Wind

Day #473 Threadless IPA / Finch's Beer Company, Chicago, IL
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I like the fact that spring is trying to return.  I mean, it's still very cool outside, but the sun is more or less out, and it feels more like spring than winter.  I'll take it.  Good day to go for a run, but I'm already sitting here staring at my laptop, so I guess maybe I'll go for that run another day.  It's the thought that counts, right?

Today's review is a beer I had on draft at the recently renovated TJ's not too long ago; the Threadless IPA from Finch's Beer Co.  It pours from the tap with an orange amber color and thick white head.  The aroma is hoppy, with plenty of pine and lemon.  When you take a sip, the taste is dry and earthy, with ample pine, lemon, and grapefruit.  Rather dry throughout, and overall a decent IPA worth your time if you find it near you.  Not the greatest IPA ever, but certainly not the worst.  And stop by TJ's when you get a chance to see the remodel.  Place looks like an awesome beer bar (which it is), and much less like an industrial sex dungeon, like it did before (sorry, but with the black walls it did).
Not as bad as most of my pics
The website for this brewery is a Facebook page.  Just saying.

Thing to Think About Today:
Recently, on the one nice day we've had so far this year, my neighbors started rocking out to yacht rock, and ever since I've been adding a ton of smooth late 70s/early 80s songs to my iPod.  Previously, you may have enjoyed some Yah Mo B There on these pages, and tonight I'm hitting you with Christopher Cross and Ride Like the Wind.  If anyone wants to go sailing on my yacht this summer, bring your Micheal McDonald and/or Christoper Cross cds and tons of champagne.  It will be glorious, and I'll see you at the dock.

"It is the night, my body's weak / I'm on the run, no time to sleep"

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