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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beer and Wine(house)

Day #467 IBA / Lakefront Brewery,  Milwaukee, WI
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Hustle day and a road trip day, so I'm getting right down to business here.  Your review for the day is the IBA, an India-style black ale from Lakefront Brewery.  When you pour it, you get an almost dark chocolate color, with a thin off white head.  Aroma of lightly toasted malts and a touch of hops.  When you drink it down, you find more of the same; lightly toasted malts, some hop bitterness on the otherwise clean finish, and hints of citrus and pine hiding under the surface.  It's an interesting take on an IPA, although not one I'm likely to seek out too often.

"Black" beers have become all the rage lately, as brewers work to incorporate more roasted/toasted malt into their products to jazz things up.  Hell, even Anheuser-Busch rolled out a Black Lager this year (not that I intend to ever drink that unless I've been captured by enemy forces and they're forcing me to drink one as a form of cruel and unusual torture).  I appreciate brewers being adventurous and looking for ways to continue pushing the envelope, but I'm just not on board with "black" beers right now.  Sorry.
Eye B A.  Get it?
I have been to Milwaukee, but only as a stop on a business trip.  Looking forward to visiting one day.

Thing to Think About Today:
Song I heard on the radio today doesn't quite describe my feelings on this beer, but You Know I'm No Good deserves some recognition.  Hopefully you enjoy, because I do always worry about your enjoyment, dear readers.

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