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Monday, October 22, 2012

Beer 317: Lakefront Brewery and More Pumpkin Beer

I'm going from no pumpkin beers to two pumpkin beers in a row.  Watch out!

Today's pumpkin beer - a pumpkin lager beer to be exact (6% ABV) - is from Lakefront Brewery, Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yesterday an ale. Today a lager. What can I tell you about this one? I know it was bottled during the first week of July thanks to the handy chart on the side of the label.

It poured a hazy orange color. It looked much more appealing that yesterday's pumpkin ale.  This one had little to no head at all. It smells of fresh pumpkin and nutmeg. The flavor is quite nice. After yesterday's disappointment, I'll admit I was a bit gun shy about another pumpkin beer.  The Lakefront was full of natural pumpkin flavor with a good amount of spice.  The spices are peppery with some cinnamon and nutmeg but are very well blended with the beer characteristics. I still get good beer flavor through the pumpkin and spice. For as unbalanced as the Shipyard tasted, this one is perfectly balanced. Interestingly there is something to the Lakefront pumpkin lager that reminds me of mulled wine.

Lakefront has a pretty interesting history -- they brewed the first fruit beer after Prohibition!  This is a great beer. Cheers!

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