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Monday, October 29, 2012

Beer 324: A Beer for Yinzers from Penn Brewery

I'm hunkering down in hurricane watch mode and cranking out a few blog posts while I'm still on the grid.

The Army of Dachshunds is packed and ready to flee the scene if we start taking on water. If there's one thing a dachshund doesn't like, it's rain.

I'm drinking a Rooney's Old Irish Style ale from the Pennsylvania Brewing Company. It's in honor of my friends in Pittsburgh who may see one heck of a nor'easter while we get swept out to sea thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Sidebar: Has anyone else become irritated with the reporting of a 50-year storm every year? Isn't the definition of a 50-year storm one of such intensity that it's experienced only once every 50 years? At this rate, we're good for a couple of centuries.

The Rooney's poured a hazy dark brown with a light beige and thin head. It had a light nuttiness in the nose. That light nuttiness carried through to the flavor and accompanied a healthy dose of delicious malt. It was very easy to drink and had a nice, crisp finish. This is a good beer.


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