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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beer 325: Elk Creek Crick

As we enter Day 2 of Hurricane Sandy, another thematic beer...this time it's the Elk Creek Cafe and Ale Works' Crick festbier.

First off, I can't even begin to guess what I did to make this photo so bad. I hadn't had anything to drink yet and it looks like I was half in the bag when I took this. Ugh.

Anyway the Crick festbier poured a nice dark brown with a thin tan head. It smells of woody hops. The taste is also woody with a good balance of malts and hops. It has a slight caramel sweetness. This is a good beer and one of the rare Oktoberfest beers I've had this year.

Elk Creek is located in Milheim, Pennsylvania. It's been a very Pennsylvania focused few days at the blog...perhaps because I'm afraid we'll be ocean bound soon.


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