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Thursday, October 4, 2012

No, Really: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Beer #299 Diversey & Lille / Brasserie Castelain, Benifontaine, France

I need to get some hustle on tonight - basketball game, dinner, blogging, and preparation for the weekend need to happen between now and bedtime.  I'm getting right down to business here.

On deck today is a bottle of Diversey & Lille, which is a collaboration between Brasserie Castelain in France and Two Brothers Brewing Company out of Illinois.  Credit goes to our friends across the pond, as it was actually brewed in France.  For anyone keeping score at home, this is the second Franco-American beer collaboration I'm reviewing in just over a week.  In the glass, this beer shows off a clear, beautiful deep amber color.  Some beers just look good, and this one definitely falls into that category.  The aroma is of malt and candied fruits, and the taste brings more malt, with toffee and honey, and a dry, nutty finish.  Not a bad choice at all.
The international language.  You know, love.
The name for this beer comes right out of the history books - Diversey & Lill was the first brewery in Chicago.  It opened all the way back in 1833, but was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  No connection to the current breweries in the collaboration, but a nice tip of the hat to a brewing legacy in Chicago.

Thing to Think About Today:
Every spring, my fraternity would throw a two three four five day riot nuclear disaster party to celebrate spring.  In true Greek life fashion, t-shirts were made up with a slogan each year; typically some form of inside joke from daily life in the house.  I distinctly remember the slogan for one of the years (although admittedly I don't recall which one): "We're Not Here to Make Friends."  The shirt may have also involved a drawing of a Pacific Islander controlling by chain a harem of ladies wearing dog collars around their neck, but then again maybe it didn't or maybe I just shouldn't talk about these things in public.

Thankfully, times have changed and having friends is cool once again, as evidenced by this beer being one of many, many collaborations reviewed this year.  You know what; I think we're now here to make friends.  So, I'll let the positive vibes of the 70's smooth things out tonight, and drop some War and their super friendly song Why Can't We Be Friends to close out today. 

In this space yesterday, I mentioned my belief that the 80's were insane.  I stand corrected, as the 70's were clearly from another galaxy - a galaxy populated by funk and crazy huge amounts of drugs.  The 70's in fact make the 80's seem completely, perfectly normal in comparison.

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