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Monday, October 8, 2012


Beer #303 Hoppus Maximus / Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, Akron, OH

Marci is at the salon this evening getting her hair did, so it's just me and the dogs this evening at BlogNamedBrew Manor.  The dogs are still recovering from going to the kennel this weekend, so mostly they're being rather lazy, sleeping in their giant dog bed while I drink and type.  That is, when they're not sleeping in the laundry basket, as seen below.  Damn lazy dogs.

Guardian of the Clean Laundry
With some lazy dogs in mind, it makes a great deal of sense that tonight's beer is Hoppus Maximus, an amber ale from Thirsty Dog Brewing Company (see what I did there) out of Akron.  In the glass, it shows off an clear, honey amber color, with a fluffy white head that lingers.  Your nose picks up the aroma of citrus fruit and some malt, and the taste brings you notes of grapefruit and some light pine, with a strong malt backbone, with some hints of caramel and a bitter finish. Very nice beer, particularly on a cool fall evening.  Well done.
Doggone good beer
Thing to Think About Today:
The dogs clearly aren't helping me blog tonight, but that's because they may be better suited as back-up singers.  You know, like the gone-too-soon Nate Dogg (RIP, all doggs go to heaven) and his masterful work backing up Warren G on the smash hit, Regulate.  I defy you to find a person in their 30's who doesn't know the words to this song.  I defy you!

"I can't believe / they takin' Warren's wealth"

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