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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beer 299: Iron Fist Uprising

Reasons why I belong in a loosey-goosey, nerdy, liberal museum environment: 

Coworker: "How was your meeting?"

Me: "(name redacted) brought her boobs to the meeting." 

Tonight's beer is the Uprising imperial IPA from Iron Fist Brewing Company. It packs a wallop at 12% ABV and is brewed in California.  

It poured a red-tinged amber with a thin white head. The ale was bright and clear. It smelled of hops and honey.  The taste reminded me of fall spices...cinnamon, orange zest. The high alcohol content hid beneath some butterscotch flavor.  It had a bit of a hop kick but had a great balance overall.

This is a good beer.  Cheers!

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