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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beer of My People

Beer #302 'na Biretta Rossa / Birradamare, Fiumicino, Italy

Winding down a completely hectic but incredibly fun weekend, the highlight of which was a great come from behind PSU win over Northwestern on Homecoming.  This team won't be the champions of anything due to the sanctions levied against them, but they're certainly earning space in the hearts of Penn State fans.  Keep it up, gentlemen.  Keep it up.  It's a fun season so far, and Beaver Stadium will be rocking when Ohio State comes to town in three weeks.  Can't wait.....

I made baked rigatoni for dinner tonight, a nice meal for a cold and dreary Sunday evening.  And what better way to wash down an Italian meal than with a beer from Italy (even if it is a German style bock beer), the 'na Biretta Rossa from Birradamare, a brewery on the outskirts of Rome.  It pours with a dark, hazy amber color and fluffy tan head.  The aroma is of toffee and lightly roasted malt, and the flavor gives you more of the same with plenty of malt sweetness, along with toasted malt, some nuttiness, and a hint of cocoa.  Nice beer for a fall evening, particularly when dinner in the oven is smelling so damn delicious.
What's not to love?
This brewery was founded in 2004, and the name roughly translates to "Beer to Love."  Works for me!

Thing to Think About Today:
Your song to think about this evening came on twice on the drive home from State College.  I'm a big fan of just shuffling through the iPod to see what comes up - usually Christmas carols, for some odd reason.  Now you get to hear it as well.  Sort of goes with the theme, no?

What, you want the other version of this song I have on the iPod?  You got it, a little Deano to wrap things up.  It's that kind of night, dear friends.

"If you gonna be a square you ain't a gonna go nowhere...."

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