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Thursday, October 18, 2012

James Bond, I'm Not

Beer #313 Venom / DuClaw Brewing Company, Bel Air, MD

I know you come here for good information on craft beer.  You probably also visit to expand your horizons courtesy of our 'Thing to Think About' each day.  Allow me to help serve another purpose: to serve as a cautionary fashion tale.  Please heed the following advice:

When you want to buy a new tuxedo shirt, DO NOT give away your old one to Goodwill until you actually buy the next one.

Why is this advice important?  Happy to answer that - I need to be at a black tie event tonight, and when I was getting my tuxedo out this morning (no, I don't wear it every day even though I want to), I realized that I gave my old tuxedo shirt away, as I wanted to get a new one before my next formal function.  Except, I forgot that fact leading up to tonight's event.  CRUD.  Thankfully, Brooks Brothers came to the rescue by having a fresh, new 17 1/2 neck 36 sleeve tuxedo shirt waiting for me at their store today.  I'll close with this advice as well:

Brooks Brothers.  Always, without fail.

Now, before I steam the wrinkles out of this new shirt, allow me to review tonight's beer, Venom, an American Pale Ale from DuClaw Brewing, down in Maryland. You see a hazy amber in the glass, and the aroma is filled with malt, and the taste gives you a nutty, earthy flavor.  There's bitterness, but not much in the way of citrus.  While this wasn't a bad beer, and in fact I quite liked it, it didn't strike me as a traditional APA.  Not bad, just not expected.  I'll definitely be on the lookout for some of DuClaw's other offerings.
Pretty, no?
While a dewclaw refers to a vestigial digit on a dog's paw, DuClaw is more of a play on words related to the popularity of all things crabs near the Chesapeake Bay.

Thing to Think About Today:
I have nothing going in my head to tie this brewery into something witty, so I'll just blast off into the night with a song that I've recently illegally downloaded added to the iPod.  Beggin', by Madcon.  And to all, a good night.

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