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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beer 301: Hayward's 5000 Indian Premium Beer

With the thought of "How often does one get to drink a beer from India" in my head, I made the unfortunate decision to purchase and ultimately consume a bottle of Hayward's 5000 Indian premium beer. I'm linking to Beer Advocate's page because I'm not sure what's up with the brewer. There's a link to the supposed brewer -- Shaw Wallace & Company, Ltd. but it goes to some shady website. I also noted on the label that it's a SABMiller product produced in India. The label also tells me that it's brewed at Skol Breweries, which is SABMiller's presence in India.  (Shame on me for trying this one...I know.)

The Hayward's 5000's ABV is not to exceed 8%. I don't even know what to do with that statement.  Moving on...
It looks like Budweiser in my glass.  In this photo, it looks almost clear. It poured with a soapy white head.  The smell is sweet corn.  Supposedly it is an authentic lager that is hailed as India's most preferred and popular beer.  It tastes like rubbing alcohol. The smell definitely does not translate into flavor.  If I drank anymore than the 4 ounces I consumed, I'm pretty sure I would have barfed. 

I'm off to check drinking a beer from India off my bucket list. Sadly it was a terrible, terrible beer. Cheers!

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