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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's Going On?

Beer #305 Het Kapittel Watou Blond / Brouwerij Van Eecke, Poperinge-Watou, Belgium

Recently had the chance to eat dinner at Teresa's Next Door, which was nice because I hadn't been there in ages.  I've had some rather good times at Teresa's through the years, and I was starting to miss the place.  I think we subconsciously put them on the "bad" list because their beer list on the web isn't updated in real time, which is very inconvenient when you're trying to cross very, very specific beers off the list.  Based on some great new beers they were pouring,  I feel confident stating Teresa's is now firmly back in rotation.  I know you were worried.

Your beer for the evening is the Watou Blond, from Brouwerij Van Eecke in Belgium.  This blond ale pours a clear gold color, with a nice white head.  The aroma has a light biscuit scent, and the taste gives you a strong biscuit taste, with floral and honey notes, and a bit of a copper penny aftertaste.  Interesting beer that seemed to change its profile as it warmed a bit at the table.
Love the branded glassware
This brewery traces its roots back to 1629, when a brewery was first constructed in the town.  That structure was burned down during the French Revolution (the brewery is located in the Flanders region, which was once part of France).  It was rebuilt in 1820, and eventually ownership was passed to the Van Eecke family, and in 1962 the Leroy family took over. Wait - the LEROY family took over?  Who's the man now, LEROY?  I digress.  Anyway, Google translates the word 'Kapittel' to 'Chapter'.  Now you know.

Thing to Think About Today:
If we have a blond covered in the beer review, let's go ahead and spend some time with some non-blonds.  In fact, 4 Non Blondes and their super hit from 1992, What's Up?  Ah, the days of grunge.  Sure, the music was great, but good heavens that fashion trend was hideously, abominably, unspeakably awful.  Chicks wearing seven layers, ripped jeans, thermals, shit kicker boots, hats on backwards, body suits, everyone looking crazy depressed - what a freaking disaster.  Let us all promise to NEVER let that fashion trend come back full force.  Thank you.  With that rant over, let's get on with the music, shall we?

"I am feeling... a little peculiar"

Um, yeah - it might be the leather top hat & welding goggles that are making you feel peculiar, dear.

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