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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Beer #320 Barking Squirrel / Hop City Brewing Company, Brampton, Canada

After a tough workout on the basketball court tonight, there are 3,548 things to do before I shove off tomorrow, and I have approximately none of them done. A little hustle here, a little hustle there, and SHAZAM, we'll be good to go.  No worries.  This weekend is huge, and I intend to come up big.

So let's hustle along, but not before we stop and talk about tonight's beer, the Barking Squirrel, an awesomely named lager from Hop City Brewing in Canada.  Completely irrelevant note: when I was in college, I would grab a plastic cup of cereal and some milk and eat it for breakfast while I walked to class.  If I was feeling good, I'd stop and feed some to the squirrels.  There are no more friendly/aggressive squirrels in the world than in State College, PA.  You carry food on campus..... they'll find you.

Anyway, this beer pours with a bright, copper color and a thin white head.  There's an aroma of sweet malt, and the taste brings you a nutty flavor, with some light caramel, grain, and malt.  Clean, dry finish with some mild bitterness.  Really nice beer, and I would love to pair this one with a bacon cheeseburger.  Please bring me a bacon cheeseburger as soon as possible.
Hop City, bitch.
I freely admit that I was hoping for a super hoppy IPA from a brewery named Hop City.  However, I'll give them a pass this time.  Whoever did the graphics and branding on the packing and website should get a hug - they did an awesome job.

Thing to Think About Today:
If we're talking about Barking Squirrels.... yeah, I don't have much there.  What about if we stop and think about the quirky second cousin to the Barking Squirrel - the Modest Mouse?  Let's all Float On, peoples.  See you tomorrow.

What, you thought I was going to go with Rack City here to pay homage to Hop City?  Yeah, I could have, but didn't.  Next time....

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