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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beer 320: Hop City Brewing and a Squirrel Tale

I have Penn State on the brain so I'll share a college tale with you. It's no secret that I'm not a morning person. So one Wednesday morning in college, I'm heading to a late morning class with my to-go breakfast in hand -- a Nature Valley granola bar. I'm snacking away as I hike across campus and as I get to the HUB (student union building for those of you not in the know), I notice a faint chirping/barking behind me.

I glance over my should and there's a good sized squirrel following me. As I pass through a thicket of students, this squirrel starts running circles around me as I attempt to walk as nonchalantly as possible to class. This goes on for two entire blocks. Me dodging students and bikes in an effort to shake my stalker. That squirrel barking at me in hot pursuit. He was persistent.

I throw a piece of granola bar -- my breakfast, mind you -- a few feet behind me and pick up the pace. That damn squirrel grabs the meager offering and let's me know exactly what he thinks of it. At this point I am mortified. People are stopping and pointing at me. Pointing! The horror!

Nature Valley puts two granola bars in each pack so I looked down at my remaining granola bar and made a decision. The squirrel gets his prize. I hurled that delicious breakfast treat right at his head and hustled away. The little bastard grabbed it, ran ahead of me and plopped himself on a trash can lid and nibbled away. I swear he smiled at me when I walked past.

He looked oddly like the squirrel on the Hop City Brewing can.

Look at him! All cocky. Eyeing his prize.

Hop City Brewing Company is based in Brampton, Ontario and the Barking Squirrel is their (5% ABV) lager. It poured an amber color with a fluffy off white head. It smelled of grain and reminds me of Yuengling lager.

The flavor had a slightly fruity hop but was mostly malt. It's nice and mild and quite sessionable. I think it would be great for tailgates. This is a good beer.


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