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Monday, October 15, 2012

Beer 310: Lagunitas Daytime IPA

One of the big misses from the Great Beercation of 2012 was getting denied at Lagunitas Brewing Company. Poor planning on our part put us on Lagunitas' doorstep on a day they were closed for a special event and we were heading out of town the next day. Rats. I guess there will be a Return to Beercation in the near future to remedy that situation.

Lagunitas is pretty available around us, but I'm not sure what was keeping me from buying any for myself for the blog. Evidently I'm psychic and knew that the perfect IPA was waiting for me in the form of their new seasonal Daytime IPA. 

It poured a golden ale with a thin white head. It left lots of sticky lacing behind in the glass.  The description of this beer on Lagunitas' website is: "Sometimes you want a beer, then you realize how much crap you need to do before you call it a day. This is it. Boldly dosed with a glorious fortune of dry hops, and a toasty malt foundation to satisfy your every need. But it still lets you stay in the game to do what needs to be done."

Yes, at 4.6% ABV, this is a lightweight IPA. It smells of lemony hops and the flavor is light and refreshing. It's quite nuanced for such an easy going beer.  Lemon citrus flavor. Strong hop bite.  Cracker flavors. Somewhere in the midst of all that there's also some general fruity hops mixed in. 

One of my complaints about IPAs is that sometimes I don't need a beer to challenge me as much as American IPAs do. Daytime is flavorful but not a smart alec IPA.

This is a great beer.  Cheers!

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