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Monday, October 29, 2012

While We Have Power....

Beer #324 East Coast Lager / Cricket Hill Brewery, Fairfield, NJ

Working from home today, but taking a break to blog while we still have power.  Hurricane Sandy has officially arrived, and from our spot in the suburbs of Philadelphia things are getting very real outside.  And by real, I mean real bad.  Winds have picked up, and the rain is coming down in buckets.  Did I mention that we live in a neighborhood prone to losing power?  Did I also mention our back yard likes to do an imitation of Lake Superior on days like this?  And have I mentioned our dogs HATE going outside in the rain, which means they're destined to forget the fact they're house broken today?  Awesome.  Who doesn't love a good hurricane?

While it's getting hectic here, it's likely worse in New Jersey.  So, while it's still there, today's beer will be from the Garden State - the East Coast Lager from Cricket Hill Brewery.  This lager pour with a clear, effervescent gold color.  You find the aroma of grain and barley, and the taste is clean, bready, with some nutty undertones.  A very sessionable beer at 4.2% ABV, if you're looking for something easy.
Need to drink all the beer before we lose power...
Cricket Hill has been in business since 2002, and they actively practice Reinheitsgebot, the Germany beer purity law.  Now you know.

Thing to Think About Today:
It seems I have more songs about hurricanes and rain than I care to count in the iPod.  So, let's just go ahead and leave something nice and mellow here for now.  Be safe, don't leave the house if you don't have to (unless you're bringing me beer or food).  Take it away Counting Crows.... let's be the Rain King today.

"If there's anyone at home at your place, why don't you invite me in?"

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