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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beer 315: Brasserie de Cazeau and Yoga Life

I'm practicing yoga at a new studio. It is decidedly more laid back and mom-oriented than my last studio. First class was basic. Like so basic I didn't come close to breaking a sweat and was bored out of my mind. This morning's class was much better. How do I know? The shoulder and arm work has rendered my arms nearly useless. That's how.

I'm hoping my arms hold out until after the PSU game tonight. I have some beers to drink. In the meantime I'll tell you about an interesting saison.

It's the Saison Cazeau aux fleurs de sureau. That last part means with elder flowers. This one is brewed at Brasserie de Cazeau in France. The brewery began in 1753, took a hiatus in 1969 and came back to life again in 2004.

It poured a hazy dark lemonade color with a loose white head. it smelled a bit like a sour ale, yeasty and lemony. The taste had a lot going on. Spices, yeasty twang, buttery and a hint of mint. The only thing didn't care for was some metallic taste every so often. Overall it was nice and crisp with lots of flavor. I'll rate it a good.


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