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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mai, Mai

Beer #707 Mai-Ur-Bock /  Einbeker Brauhaus, Einbeck, Germany
Previously from this brewery: another Mai-Ur-Bock

Another one from the archives as it's the second to last PSU home game today!  This one is a bottle of Mai-Ur-Bock, a maibock beer from Einbecker Brauhaus.  In the glass, you get a bright copper color and a rather fluffy white head.  There are pleasing aromas of malt and honey, and the taste gives you a solid mix of caramel, sweet malt, toffee, and raisin.  Not a bad beer, although I tend not to gravitate towards beers like this when ordering from a beer menu.  I would have another one of these, however.
Ich bin ein bier!
Thing to Think About Today:
Hall and Oates.  Heard some Hall and Oates recently, so I figured I'd share that wonderfulness with you all here in this space.  Enjoy your Saturday just a bit more now that you've heard You Make My Dreams Come True

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