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Friday, November 8, 2013

We Can Be Heroes

Day #699 Anti-Hero / Revolution Brewing Company, Chicago, IL
Previously from this brewery: N/A, this beer is the first out the limo

It's another Friday, and that means you get a beer review.  Tonight's offering is a can of Anti-Hero, an IPA from Revolution Brewing.  This was another beer acquired in a beer trade with a co-worker.  In the glass, this beer pours a dark copper color, with a dissipating white head.  There's a pleasant orange citrus aroma, and when you take a drink you find a dry bitterness, with ample lemon and orange citrus, with some floral notes, pine, and malt in there as well.  Somewhat light for an IPA, but the citrus flavor actually makes this a really enjoyable beer.  Definitely check this one out if you find it near you.
Anti good photo
Maybe this is a sign of the craft beer explosion, but there is another Revolution out there; the previously reviewed Revolution Cider. Only so many names to go around, I guess.

Thing to Think About Today:
Would you think less of me if I said that the first thing that popped into my head when thinking of what to write here was Hero, by Enrique Iglesias?  Well, if you didn't think less of me, you probably should. So, instead of dropping that here, I'll go in a different direction, and leave you with The Greatest American Hero, an old sitcom about (as best I can remember; this came on when I was like 8) a teacher who gets a superhero suit that gives him amazing powers, but unfortunately he doesn't know exactly how to use them. For example, the suit allowed him to fly, but he didn't know how to land.  Hey, it was the 80s, people did a lot of drugs.  Plus, it had this totall badass theme song, which I absolutely have in my iPod.  Good day, all.

"Who could it be? / Believe it or not, it's just me"

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