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Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick Draw

Day #695 Quick Wit / Fort George Brewery, Atoria, OR
Previously from this brewery: Marci's take on Quick Wit

Up for your reading pleasure is Quick Wit, a "Belgianesque" ale from Fort George Brewery in Oregon. In the glass, this beer is an orange sort of amber, with no head to speak of.  The aroma gives you a floral, malt sweetness vibe, and when you take a sip you pick up notes of orange rind, wheat, and a floral quality.  Not much hops in this wheat beer.  Because I like this beer I think I should let you know this beer can is the worst color can I've ever seen; sort of a mauve thing, which isn't the least bit attractive. However, there were brain teasers on the can, so I am smarter for having drank this beer!
Quick and painless
Fort George is another in the growing line-up of breweries who only distributes in cans (or kegs), rather than glass bottles.  You know you like it in the can, so this is a good thing.

Thing to Think About Today:
This brewery is in Astoria, OR, and that's important because the classic 80s film The Goonies was filmed there.  Without any further adieu, take yourself back in time, and enjoy some "Truffle Shuffle", and to keep things interesting, I give you the dubstep remix.  Just because.

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