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Monday, November 11, 2013


Day #702 Tucher Helles Hefeweizen / Brauerei Tucher Brau, Nurnberg, Germany
Previously from this brewery: Hefeweizen

Another blast from the past review, as I didn't get a chance to eat lunch yet, and not really feeling like today is a good day for liquid dinner.  So you get a glass of Tucher Helles Hefeweisen, which pours a cloudy pale yellow with a lingering head.  There are aromas of lemon and bread, and the taste has notes of biscuit, wheat, orange, and some light banana.  This isn't a beer that really stands out from the crowd, but it is perfectly drinkable.

My photo is mysteriously lost in space.  So, you get this stock footage:
The Good "Tuch"
Thing to Think About Today:
A song that popped up on the iPod, and provides a nice mellow background for the evening.  The immensely talented Ben Folds and Landed.  Makes me wish I still played the cello.  Night, all...

And I've been flying high all night / So come pick me up, I've landed"

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