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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Milk Does a Body Good

Day #711 Dragon's Milk / New Holland Brewing Company, New Holland, MI
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Another beer that was relegated to the shelf in the basement to age, where it spent a good, long time is this bottle of Dragon's Milk, a stout from blog favorite New Holland.  This beer has a black color with a wispy and quickly dissipating tan head.  When you inhale, you're greeted by intoxicating aromas of oak and vanilla. The taste is more of the same, with a delicious blend of oak, malt, vanilla, and hints of leather.  None of which is surprising considering this beer is aged in bourbon barrels. Can't argue with that!  It gives off a bit of a barleywine vibe, to be honest, and you definitely notice the boozy warmth of the 10% ABV.
The Dragon, or El Dragon
This one has a tiny little too much toasted malt to find a home in my regular rotation, but if you like bourbon, you'll probably like this beer.  If all stouts would be aged in bourbon barrels, stouts and I would get along much better.  I would highly recommend opening this one on a cold winter's night, preferably in front of a fire.

Thing to Think About Today:
Not a lot of music on my iPod that connects to dragons or milk, so I'll go with what something I'm not embarrassed to admit I enjoy, Kelis and her ass-shaking Milkshake.  Night all.

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