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Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to State College!

Beer #279  6th Generation Stock Ale / Susquehanna Brewing Company, Pittston, PA

I have three hours worth of things to do, and one hour to do them.  GO!  I was in State College yesterday, back home last night, and now back on the road again.  Can you get frequent flyer miles for driving?  Maybe?

Another day, another Pennsylvania beer - this time, the from Susquehanna Brewing out of Pittston.  This pale ale has a light copper color and a thin, lingering head.  There is a light aroma of barley, and the flavor has a nutty presence, with a bit of malt sweetness, and a hop bitterness on the finish.

This brewery has been in business since 2010, but they have family ties back to the old Stegmaier Brewery, which opened for business in 1857.  This has nothing to do with anything, but the first thought that popped into my head when I saw where they were from was the fact that we (Hazleton Area HS) used to give their basketball team absurdly savage beatings on the hardwood.  Ah, the good old days of the Wyoming Valley Conference....

Thing to Think About Today:
The short version: pro football star goes to prison, gets blackmailed into playing on the prisoner football team (aka, "The Mean Machine"), is encouraged to throw the game, but then rallies his troops to win a game for the ages against the guards.  Of course I'm talking about The Longest Yard, starring Burt Reynolds.  Yes they remade this movie starring Adam Sandler, no I've never seen that version.  Why mess with a good thing?

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