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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Post With Parentheses

Beer #286 Old 21 Imperial IPA / The Brew Kettle, Strongsville, OH

It's a hustle day today - started off in the city for a Red Cross awards ceremony (we didn't win), hit the Beer Yard (one of the better beer distributors you'll find in the Philly burbs) to stock up for the tailgate, and now I'm eating lunch (thanks, Whole Foods!) and writing about beer.

Today I'm going with the Old 21 Imperial IPA from The Brew Kettle.  This one came as a gift from a friend  (thanks, Pat!) who picked up a few lesser known beers during a recent trip to Ohio (boo, Ohio!).  In the glass, this one is a clear copper color, with a thin white head.  Your nose picks up a strong citrus aroma, and the taste gives classic pine and lemon flavors, although there's a bit more sweetness than I was expecting from.  This is one of the easier drinking double IPAs you'll find, but it does pack a strong 9.5% ABV.  Great beer for a Friday where I'm relaxing at home with lunch rather than working.  Cheers, people.
Typical Friday
This brewery started up in 1995, and they spend a lot of time helping home brewers get started.   That works.

Thing to Think About Today:
Because I'm a little high strung about things lately (see my phone post from yesterday), and because I spent the morning with the great people of the Red Cross, here's some Otis REDding (see what I did there?) to mellow us out on a sunny and warm Friday afternoon.

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