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Monday, September 24, 2012

Worth It.

Beer #289 Worthington's Red Shield / William Worthington's Brewery, Burton Upon Trent, England

Wrapping up some writing, then heading to TJ's to cross a few more beers (and maybe ciders) off the list.  Need to make hay while the sun shines!  Today's beer is Worthington's Red Shield, a blonde ale from Worthington's Brewery (more on that later).  This one was drank out of a purple plastic cup, so not much on the color.  The aroma was of grain and barley, and there's a good, easy flavor of grain, yeast, and hop bitterness.  Fairly mellow beer all around.

I almost didn't have a photo to share, as it was trapped in my old phone.  Did I mention I had good news on that front?  My photos, which mysteriously disappeared from my dying phone, returned back to the phone the next day in an equally mysterious manner.  Spooky, and it's not even Halloween.  The good news is the nice people at Verizon can copy the pictures over to the new SIM card, so I think I'll be fine, and I emailed a few photos of beer and Flash over before I switched to a new phone.  I apologize for all of my cursing last Friday.  As a professional beer blogger, I need to hold myself to a higher standard of writing excellence.  One that doesn't rely on any goddamn curses to tell my tale.

Shields up!
History class may be a bit fuzzy today.  This brewery traces its roots back to 1761, when William Worthington opened the doors.  It merged with rival Bass in 1927, and then was later spun off and purchased by Molson Coors in 2000.  The brewery is more famous for their White Shield brew, an IPA that ranks as the third most popular ale in England in terms of sales.  It's been brewed at a succession of other breweries after the original brewery closed in 1965, although it appears they've re-opened a new brewery in the same town as the original, Burton Upon Trent.  In the header, I've attributed this beer to William Worthington's, although I've also seen references to Museum Brewing Company and White Shield Brewery.  If you have the full story, please let me know, as I clearly don't, and neither does the internet.

Thing to Think About Today:
I need to get my hustle on and get some dinner, so let's go ahead and take an obvious cue; Red Shield beer (apparently) gets you thinking about Red Red Wine by UB40.  1980's, go ahead and sing us to sleep tonight.....

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