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Friday, September 14, 2012

Beer 279: Neshaminy Creek Brewing

I must have been giddy with thoughts of a four day work week because that's the only explanation that I could come up with that would result in my thinking that a date night at the end of a twelve hour work day made sense. But I held true to my invitation to Gary and was rewarded with some nice conversation and a great beer.

The Tribute Tripel from Neshaminy Creek Brewing ended up being the perfect way to end the work week and welcome Gary back from a week of business travel.

Sorry for this photo. I was outside with only my Blackberry and this was my third and best attempt. Weighing in at a solid 9.3% ABV, this beer did pack a wallop. But it was a well disguised wallop. (Sidebar: It is incredibly difficult to type when having one's legs massaged.)

The beer poured a reddish amber with a thick white head and was served in an appropriate glass that our waitress felt the need to explain...even after I said I'm a beer geek and totally get it. We were at the same bar at which we've been marveling at their pours of everything into an imperial pint glass. Everything...including the big beers. Dangerous and tasty all at the same time. And yes, there was some relief and disappointment in the glassware.

There was lots of Belgian candi sugar in the aroma and flavor. There was also a nice amount of caramel with boozy fruit. It finished with a nice pepper spice and dryness. This is an excellent beer especially considering that Neshaminy Creek has only been brewing for 100 days. If I didn't read it on their website, I would not have believed it myself.


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