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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Post Where I Curse A Great Deal

Beer #285  Žatec / Žatecký Pivovar, ŽaŽatec, Czechoslovokia

The weekend has officially begun!  Tailgate groceries have been purchased, some blog beers have been acquired, pot of chili is on the stove, and by this time tomorrow I'll be back in Happy Valley for another great weekend.  While I'm dreaming of State College, I'm unfortunately dealing with ridiculous issues on the home front.  We have a water filter/ice maker on our freezer door, and lately it's been doing this awesome trick where even when you pull your glass away after pouring water, the water continues to pour out at the same rate.  You realize you can either try to drink from the glass while it's being filled (you won't win that game) or just move the glass away and get some paper towels, as the freezer eventually has a good laugh and shuts off the water.  So I can deal with that.  However, my piece of shit yet indestructible cell phone has decided to officially crap its pants and not remember anything.  All of my pictures on the phone, including some of the last pictures I took of Flash before he passed away, are now erased.  I really, really wanted those pictures.  FUCK.  DAMN YOU PHONE.  FUUUUCCCK.  I was holding off on getting a new phone because I didn't want to deal with getting a new phone.  So much for that.  FUCK.

Enough of that shit; I feel like it's time to kick off the weekend the way any red blooded American would - with a beer from Czechoslovakia!  Er, well that's how I'm starting the weekend, anyway, as I'm trying the Žatec, a dark lager from Žatecký Pivovar.  This one has a dark ruby color (almost black, really) with a fluffy off white head.  There's a nice malt aroma, and the flavor is lightly toasted malt, caramel, touch of bitterness.  Not what I was expecting, but this is a good beer. Seems to fit in with a cool, autumn night.

Here's where the picture of my beer would have been.  No dice.  Instead, here's a picture of my thoughts on electronic devices right now:
Fuck you, phone. Er, fax machine.
Thing to Think About Today:
I need to calm down, because I'm livid right now.  If we're drinking a Czech beer, we need to stop and Check the Rhyme.  Tribe Called Quest, please smooth things over for me?

Nope, still furious.

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