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Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Have a Giant Can

Beer #294 Asahi Super Dry / Asahi Breweries, Tokyo, Japan

Game day, so let's blog bright and early in the morning!  Do the Lions run their win streak to three games by kicking off Big Ten  play with a vicious beat down of Illinois?  Time will tell, of course.  After a hectic September with three home games, it's nice to spend a weekend not driving anywhere.  Go State.

Before we get there, it's time for a beer review.  Part of any sushi adventure requires proper beverages, and last night our friends called an audible from the usual wine and brought some dinner specific brews: Morimoto Soba Ale from Rogue (delicious!) and two cans of Asahi Super Dry - which is my beer for the day.  This rice lager from Japan pours a clear gold color with a white head, and is an easy drinking beer with notes of grain and a light sweetness from the rice.  You hitting Bluefin (or whatever other less awesome sushi places are out there) for dinner?  Throw some Asahi in to go along with your sake.  Do it.

Highlight of the night?  I mean, other than when the table next to us was occupied by a guy and the woman he was renting for the evening?  And also other than some truly amazing sushi?  The fact that Asahi comes in awesomely giant 33oz cans of beer.  Some may call a 33oz can of beer unnecessary, but I just call that being efficient.
Who doesn't like huge handful of a big ol' can?
As Asahi is the largest brewery in Japan, we're certainly pushing the envelope of our craft brew-only mission, but it's a new beer to us, comes from a rather faraway land, and isn't something you usually find.  My advice: Deal with it.

Seriously, deal with it.

Thing to Think About Today:
I'm stretching it here, but if it's a day to think about fish and the Pacific Ocean, I think I'm dropping in some Sublime and their supremely mellow Badfish.

Sublime was easily the soundtrack for the summer of 1997, which I spent in State College.  This was beyond a doubt the best summer of my life, as I worked a bit, but mostly hung out every day and night with my best friends in my favorite town on earth.  When they get around to building time machines, I'm setting the dial on mine back to May of 1997.  By the time I got into Sublime (thanks to Marci for that), their lead singer, Bradley Nowell, had already passed away of a drug overdose, thus abruptly ending their incredibly bright future as a group. But then a funny thing happened - people just keep listening to the limited number of albums Sublime had already put out, and their legend continued to grow.  I mean, how many times this summer - sixteen years after Nowell died - did you hear songs like Santeria, What I Got, or Wrong Way on the radio?  How I managed not to include Sublime in this space somewhere during a summer beer review is a mystery for the ages, but I'll make up for that now.  Let's all unwind, take a deep breath, close our eyes (only when done reading this, please), and spend some time on a peaceful Saturday morning dreaming of sunny days spent surrounded by your favorite friends.  You're welcome for the free smile I just brought to your face.

"Lord knows I'm weak / won't somebody get me off of this reef?"

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