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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bombs Away!

Beer #287 Hop Bomber / Rivertown Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH

Tailgate day!  Lions vs. the Owls of Temple, and I sincerely hope for two things: we keep the win streak going, and the rain holds off.  Sometimes it can be fun to tailgate in the rain, but not always.

We'll keep it brief today, for obvious reasons.  Today's beer is the Hop Bomber pale ale from Rivertown Brewing, out of Cincinnati.  Two beers in a row from Ohio, but only because this is the second of my gift beers.  It pours with a bright copper color and big, fluffy head.  The aroma is full of piney hops, and the taste has a stronger than expected malt backbone, with a good blast of grapefruit and a nice bitter finish.  What I found interesting was that hidden under there was some hints of cocoa, definitely not the standard for a pale ale.  Solid choice!
Bombs away...
Thing to Think About Today:
If this is the Hop Bomber, it's time for some Outkast and Bombs Over Baghdad!  Great song to get fired up for a tailgate!

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