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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beer 290: Ruckus Brewing and Not a Nurturing Bone To Be Found

I had a fantastic post brewing (ha!) in my brain all afternoon, but got derailed when I had to step in and make chicken soup tonight. If you've spent any amount of time with me, you know I don't cook. You also probably know I don't have that mothering instinct. This is the one day every 24 months that Gary gets sick so I've gotten called up the kitchen league. There is something resembling chicken soup simmering on the stove and I've lost all motivation for creative writing.

And I'm 100% certain that I've made the best possible choice in not having children. Commanding someone to be done being sick with a deadline is probably frowned upon in parenting circles. Rest assured, Gary assures me he'll be fine tomorrow. Thank god...otherwise we'd be having cookies or pie for dinner. Now baking is an area in which I excel!

While I wait for the soup to soup, I'll tell you about the Hoptimus Prime double IPA from Ruckus Brewing.

It poured a nice amber color with a white head. It smells sweetly hopped with underlying malt. The flavor is fruit and hops...sweet caramel, some peach, a bit of black tea. I'm also noticing a bit of biscuit when I take a good long sniff of it. It finishes with a strong hop bitterness but rounds out nicely at the very end.

The brewer makes Hoptimus Prime with five kinds of hops and then dry hops for two weeks. Exactly the over the top hop use that I like and am really beginning to love. This is a great beer.


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