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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beer 280: Diamond Knot Brewing Company

Today's beer was enjoyed with a good friend...Tailgate Cheetah. Who is Tailgate Cheetah, you ask. He is an adventurer...

He has a need for speed...

Sometimes he flirts with danger!

He likes to dj our tailgate. He has pretty good taste in music although sometimes it's a bit too cat-centric for me...Cat Stevens, Cat Power, Faster Pussycat, Pussy Riot.

He is a feline for all seasons!

He likes to woo the ladies...with romantic boat rides!

He loves to tailgate, but loves PSU football even more. He doesn't sit in the stands. He sits on the sideline.

He has excellent taste in beer.

Lucky for me he shares...

The Brown Ale from Diamond Knot Brewery poured a hazy brown with a thick tan head. Safety first at the tailgate so no glasses and no good photos of the beer. It was nutty and nice and malty. Very easy to drink with a 6% ABV. There was a bit of chocolate in the flavor as it warmed up a bit. I also noted some toasted bread and caramel. Overall a good beer.


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