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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beer 327: Traquair House Jacobite and Goats

Conversation in the Blog Named Brew household tonight...

Gary: I almost sent you a picture of a $400 cashmere sweater today and said I bought it. But I thought you'd get mad and believe me.

Me: Oh I wouldn't get mad. I'd just find a stupid expensive cashmere dress to buy. Retaliatory shopping. Touché!

Gary: That's exactly why I didn't do it.

Me: If I can't have cashmere, no one gets cashmere. Plus for $400, can't we just buy one of those fancy goats?

Gary: We should get one of those goats. We'd have cashmere and they eat grass.

Me: Ooh. Then you don't have to mow the lawn. But who's going to make us sweaters? I don't knit. My mom's not around...she can't knit for us either.

Gary: True. Plus they're fancy goats. They probably eat caviar and sparkles.

Me: I can't afford fancy cashmere sweaters. Where are we going to get money for caviar and sparkles for a fancy goat?

Something else that's pretty darn fancy is the Traquair House Jacobite. It is an ale brewed with coriander -- a wee heavy or scotch ale, if you will and it's made in Scotland (8% ABV).

I was expecting something much lighter and was suprised to see that the Jacobite looks like cola in the glass. It had a tan head that left loose bubbles behind. It smells like a sweeter red wine and earth. The flavor is a cross between anise and root beer. Is that the coriander? Again one of those flavors that I can't discern on my own.

It also had a prickly carbonation that made it very interesting to drink. There was also a green earthiness and slight chocolate flavor. I rate it excellent. Cheers!

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