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Monday, November 12, 2012

Beer 338: Three Floyds Gumball Head

I bought myself a cashmere cape. It has a lot of buttons and I'm not sure how to put it on exactly. And here I thought I was smart.

One thing I do know is a good beer when I taste one. And the Gumball Head from Three Floyds Brewing is an awesome beer. It's brewed in Indiana and is an American pale wheat ale. I'm fortunate to have gotten my hands on this one. Three Floyds only distributes to Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Thanks to a good friend who was willing to part with one of his last bottles!

First off the artwork on the label is phenomenal. Next the aroma. So good. It smells of strong, rich citrus hop with some pineapple and peach mixed in. The flavor is citrus hops, wheat and peach. It has a solid hop profile and is a very flavorful wheat beer.

If you've ever said you don't think wheat beer is for you, definitely find yourself a Gumball Head. It'll change your mind. This is a great beer and I wish I had more. Cheers!

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