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Monday, November 5, 2012

Presidents, Only Better

Beer #331 Crick Fest Bier / Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks, Millheim, PA

Today, I was informed that I would be attempting something called "mat Pilates" in my future.  Sounds dangerous, and quite possibly something I will deeply regret.  However, I had an open mind towards yoga, and that turned out decently, so we'll see.  Plus I just ate a bunch of potato chips, so I'm also feeling a little guilty.

You know what sounds more appealing than regret or guilt?  Tonight's beer, which is another Pennsylvania product, the Crick Fest Bier from Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks.  This Octoberfest brew has a dark amber color with a thin head.  Your nose finds aromas of malt and biscuit, and the taste has a mix of light floral notes, bread, lightly toasted malt, and a little bitterness on the finish.  Not an overly complex beer, but quite nice, particularly for this time of year.  I had this one on draft at The Deli in State College last weekend, and I look forward to trying other variations from this brewery.
Despite being in a town of 904 people, this brewery has already managed to win awards at the Great American Beer Festival, which is a very prestigious honor.  More proof that good beer can come from anywhere.  You just have to look for it and be willing to try new things!

Thing to Think About Today:
So, if you haven't noticed, apparently there's an election tomorrow.  Who knew?  If the candidates want people to vote, they should really consider mailing 10 pieces of mail to my house each day for a month, and figure out a way to get people to lose their mind on Facebook and Twitter with political ramblings.  Maybe then I'd know there was an election (/sarcasm).

I detest politics for the divisive environment it creates, where 50% of the country currently hates the other 50% (or at least it seems).  However, you know I like to keep it topical, so I'll go ahead and drop in the most political thing I can think of here.  If you insist on talking nonstop about the President, then I'm playing The Presidents of the United States of America covering Video Killed the Radio Star.

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