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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Beer 347: Old Speckled Hen

Interesting fact about me? I horde recipes. What makes this even more interesting is that I don't cook. Now you know.

I learned this little tidbit about myself as I was putting away my cranberry pie recipe because I do bake. I can whip up dessert like nobody's business. There's a precision to making dessert that I find incredibly comforting. I've written about it before...way back at Beer 21.

That was 326 beers ago. 326. Wow. But I digress. As I was putting my recipe binder away, I found a stack of paper beneath it and realized it was about twenty or so things I intended to have Gary make for dinner. Having a bit of free time on my hands today, I figured no time like the present to get organized. And now I have dinner figured out for the next six months. I wish I was kidding.

I also started writing holiday cards today. Hopefully I make it through my entire planned list, but if I don't, please don't get mad at me if you didn't make the cut. I thought about sending you a card. I really did.

In other happenings, I drank an Old Speckled Hen from Greene King Brewery.

It poured a beautiful, crystal clear amber and this photograph doesn't do it justice. The head was slightly off white and disappeared quickly. Old Speckled Hen is an English pale ale with a ABV of 5.2% that's brewed in England. It smells of rich, caramel malt with hints of brewed tea.

The flavor repeats that rich malt but it's balanced by a hint of hops. It's also buttery and earthy -- very easy to drink and well balanced. This is a great beer. Cheers!

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