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Friday, November 2, 2012

Beer 328: East Coast Beer Company and 99 Problems

I found the best window decal ever on my commute home tonight. It was on the rear window of a Ford 150 on jacked up rims. It read: I got 99 problems and a duck call ain't one.


I tried taking multiple photos for my loyal followers and failed miserably. And after pursuing the truck slightly off my regular route home, I realized I crossed into creeper stalker territory and headed home.

Since I didn't get that photo, I give you my kitchen guard dog instead. He's got 99 problems and a lack of people food for dinner is definitely one of them.

And now for the Friday night beer...the Kickback Ale from the East Coast Beer Company. It is an American amber ale brewed in New Jersey. It poured a golden brown color with no head. It smells of citrus hops -- mostly grapefruit -- and some malt. The flavor is surprisingly strong hops, piney without much malt in there. It isn't my cup of tea but it is good. Cheers!

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