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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beer 333: Thomas Creek Brewery Up the Creek

After all the excitement of yesterday and a super early work day today, I am beat. Plus the time change is killing my enthusiasm for being awake. That's evidenced by my bedtime of 8:15pm yesterday.

I imagine the 12.5% ABV extreme IPA I'm about to imbibe may change my tune tonight. I'd certainly call 12.5% extreme.

The Thomas Creek Brewery Up the Creek poured a bright mahogany with a rich tan head. It smells of tart hops and an almost acidic citrus pith. It has a full mouthfeel and licorice and raisins in the flavor. There are bready undertones and some caramel. I'm having a hard time evaluating just how much sweetness I detect. It's almost like there's a sweet-tart thing happening. This is a most unusual beer and I like it. I'll rate it a good and sit back and savor the last few sips. Cheers!

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