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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beer 346: Jever Pilsener and Scattered Pre-holiday Thoughts

I just registered for next year's bicycle trip through northern Belgium with BeerCycling. I. Am. Going. To. Belgium. IamgoingtoBelgium!!! I'm going to take a little break from writing to do the running man since 1. I know how to do it now and 2. I have some excess excitement to burn off! I've traveled overseas once in my life -- to Egypt. I'm pretty sure I'm more excited for this trip!

Other things rattling around my head...

Pitbull is a funny and articulate guy. I may have judged him too harshly after that awful Dr Pepper commercial Let's Have a Real Good Time.

I inadvertently demanded a promotion at work today. Lucky for me, they already know I'm crazy so this came as no surprise when I hit the ceiling over some nonsense.

I've also come to realize I don't care for pilsners. I like lagers, but for some reason the light lager isn't doing it for me. This is a confusing time for me because I just declared my love of Victory Brewing's Prima Pils. Odd.

Tonight's beer is the Jever Pilsener from Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever in Germany. Jever is the original Friesland pilsner (ABV 4.9%) -- brewed in northern Germany with pure Friesian spring water and fresh Hallertau hops.

It pours a golden color with a wispy white head. It smells like skunky weed and Shredded Wheat. Seriously. Shredded Wheat. The taste is grassy and very sharp. There's something medicinal and sweet in there as well. Yeah. I think I've outgrown pilsners. I'd rate this one average.


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