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Monday, November 26, 2012

Beer 352: Church Brew Works and Itching on a Photograph

I have a great post rattling around in my head and I cannot get it out to save my life. I've started three different intros. I attempted to jump in the middle and sneak up on it. I sat here and flipped through a bunch of photos from this football season. Ok that last one wasn't even supposed to help, but I mean, come on! Who doesn't want to look at Michael Mauti?

Instead I'm just going to sit here with this song rolling through my brain...courtesy of KFOG radio...

So in lieu of a long rambling, nostalgic and perhaps a bit maudlin post, I'll tell you about a beer from The Church Brew Works. It's their Pipe Organ pale ale -- an American pale ale made in Pittsburgh. Thanks to our friends Casey and Mike for getting this one for us!

It pours a clear golden color with very little to no head. It has a soapy hop aroma. For a beer with an ABV of only 4.3%, the alcohol is very noticeable. The flavor has lots of cracker and bitter, earthy, piney hops. Thinking back on some of the other American pale ales I've had this year, I can only rate this one average.


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