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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beer 339: Cosmos Brewery Chang Beer

One of the benefits of working in a place that has a movie theater is seeing this throughout the day:

Daniel Craig = HOT!!!  (source)

Still not sure if I can commit to it in the theater.  Me and 142-minute films tend not to get along well.  Something else that I don't get along well with?  Chang beer from Cosmos Brewery Co., Ltd.  It's brewed in Thailand (5% ABV) and marketed as Thailand's award winning beer. 

It poured a slightly hazy golden color with very little to no head and what was there disappeared rather quickly.  It smells like rubbery beer and corn.  In fact, it's so flavorless that it's not actually that bad.  If you explore the Chang website at all, you'll note it's all about Thai food and Thai scenery.  The website makes it look like an awesome beer.  I'd say it's similar to Piton.  (Reviewed here.)

What I got the biggest kick out of is the tasting notes from the Chang website:

Golden honey in colour, Chang beer has a complex aroma - a smoky, peaty blend of sweet green apples and vanilla - and a beautifully balanced flavour which is crisp, smooth and incredibly refreshing.

Wow. I did not get any of that and based on other reviews I read, the copywriters are smoking some really good weed in Thailand because no one got any of that. I will admit that it is smooth, but water is also smooth.  This is a sad, sad beer.


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